Fudge Science Class

$ 10,00

Does your fudge turn out too soft? Is the texture just a little off? Let’s fix that!

In this recording of our live fudge making class (approx. 1,5 hours) you’ll learn just exactly what happens when you make fudge. How to cook it and when and where to stir the mixture.

By the end, you’ll have a pretty much foolproof fudge recipe and you’ll know how to tweak and make your own recipes.

Note, this class is also a part of the full candy science course.

Let’s let one of our past students tell you what this class is about!

Watched your hour-long fudge making class.

I make fudge every year for Christmas and it never turns out right. […]  
Until today, I haven’t used a thermometer […].
My mind is blown open wide, learning about crystals forming! I can’t even believe that an exact crystal is formed at an exact temperature, wow!
Today I got a scale, a digital thermometer, and experimenting with your recipe. Love the simple idea that fudge can be sugar+butter+cream!!! 
And your simple plan, “heat to this exact temp, then stir when it reaches another exact temp”  This will make mine hold together!! Pretty excited. […]
I’m inspired. Thanks for doing what you do.  Dan 

Dan W., previous student (Oct-2023)

And then, a couple of days later he wrote:

It’s SCIENCE! ❤️
Perfect batches. 
I’m unstoppable now.  

Dan W., previous student (Oct-2023)

If that doesn’t convince you just yet, know that in the class you’ll learn:

  • Why your fudge remains too soft and runny
  • How you can ensure your fudge sets well
  • And more!

And of course, we’ll be making fudge together. By the end of the class, you should have a good understanding of fudge, enabling you to try just about any recipe out there!

After purchasing access, you can watch the class as often as you want.

Please note, if you’re a candy science course student, you already have access to this class as part of your course!


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