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Fudge Science Class

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$ 10,00

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Fudge Science Class

$ 10,00

In this 1,5 hour recorded class, you’ll learn the basics of making fudge! Together, we’ll be making fudge while discussing the science behind this fascinating candy.

Note, this class is also a part of the full candy science course.

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As part of our candy science curriculum we hosted a live fudge making class. You can get access to the live recording by purchasing this class. Of course, we didn’t just make fudge, we also discussed:

  • Why it sometimes remains too soft and runny.
  • How you can ensure fudge sets well.
  • How to control sugar crystallization
  • And more!

We’ll be making one recipe, but at the end of the class, you should have a good understanding of fudge, enabling you to try just about any recipe out there!

Please note, the recording of this class is also part of our candy science course. If you already have access to this course, this will not add anything new.


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