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Ice Cream Science

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Welcome to our ice cream science course, which is, as you probably guessed: all about the science of ice cream!

Please note, this course is currently in beta launch. In other words, it is not completely finished(so far we’ve only launched the first chapter) but we want you to try it out and give feedback! If you sign up, you give us permission to send you an e-mail to request feedback on the course, you will not be signed up for marketing e-mails.

Here on our website we’ve written about ice cream various times. However, we haven’t really brought everything together yet, nor helped you determine in which order to read all these articles.

So, we’re solving that problem with this course. This course is a more structured approach to learning all about the science of ice cream. We start with a very simple ice cream system (sugar + water) and will continue to add more complexity until you understand exactly how ice cream works and what the role of the core ingredients is.

Through a mix of practicals, recipes and quite a bit of theory you’ll learn all about the science of ice cream. Each lesson will discuss a new aspect of the science of ice cream. By the end, you not only know all the most important concepts of ice cream science, but you’ll also be able to make several varieties.

This course is definitely for you if:

  • You make ice cream yourselves (whether it’s a batch of 500g or 50kg) and want to better understand what’s going on so you can do some decent trouble shooting when things go wrong.
  • You want to level up your ice cream making skills and come up with your own recipes. Understanding the (im)possibilities of ingredients will help you develop in a more efficient smart way.
  • You’re not a scientist, nor an expert in chemistry or physics, but do have an interest in the field. We start from the very basics so with just a little understanding of science, you’ll be able to track along!
  • You have been making ice cream for years, but have always just stuck to a recipe
  • You work in a facility making ice cream, but aren’t the technical expert. This course will help you level up your knowledge so you can talk comfortably with the experts around you.
  • You love ice cream & you love science!

This course is probably not for you if:

  • You’re just looking for recipes. If you are, browse through our ice cream section here and choose the recipe you’d like to try.
  • You’ve read tons of books about ice cream science already. This course will probably be a little too simple for you. That said, if you’d like to audit the course and want to give us feedback, let us know and we’ll happily give you access in exchange for improvement suggestions!


For this course we do assume a basic level of understanding of chemical and physical terminology. If you have no clue what fats, proteins, carbohydrates, molecules, atoms and phase transitions are, we would recommend you start out with our Food Chemistry Basics course. This will gear you up for ice cream science for sure!

Lab work

This course contains several ‘ice cream labs’. During these practical sessions you will bring to life the theory that you’re taught in the course. The tools & ingredients that you need for these labs are not part of the course. You will have to purchase those yourselves. However, we’ve done our best to make the labs flexible to work with your current kitchen gear. You’ll likely have the main ingredients in your kitchen already (e.g. sugar and water). Otherwise, the ingredients you need are generally easily available in your supermarket (e.g. cream, sweetened condensed milk).

You can complete the course without doing any of the labs, but doing the labs definitely makes it a lot easier to understand the concepts!

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