Welcome to Food Microbiology Basics

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve decided to learn the basics of food microbiology with us! After taking this course you should have a good basic understanding of the field of food microbiology and what it entails.

Course objectives:

  • You will know what microorganisms are
  • You will know and recognize the most important microorganisms in food
  • You will be able to distinguish between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’!
  • You will have a basic understanding of how to control microorganisms in your food

Disclaimer: This course does NOT teach/tell you how to make safe food. Making a safe food, that meets all legal requirements depends on various factors such as your local legislation, your products, process, and countless other factors that we cannot be aware of. Consult a food safety expert to get advice on your specific situation. This course teaches you the general concepts, be aware that exceptions exist (e.g. specific strains or types of microorganisms) that we do not cover, but which may be relevant for your specific situation.

After a quick intro to the field of food microbiology we will discuss the following:

1. We’ll start be discussing what microorganisms are. We’ll introduce you to yeasts, molds and bacteria, the ones most important to food.

2. We’ll zoom in on those microorganisms and will discuss some of the most common ones in food. We’ll cover both the good and the bad.

3. Lastly, we’ll focus on controlling those microorganisms. Which levers can you pull to have more (or less) of them?

Getting started!

To get started, scroll down and click on your first lesson. Or, use the menu on the left side to select your first topic. From here on, just click ‘mark complete’ once you’ve finished a section and you’ll roll through the course.

Good luck with the course!

mold on apple butter
An example of (undesirable) molds on your food. This apple butter had to be thrown away, unfortunately.
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