Course Logistics

Now that you know what food chemistry is, it’s almost time to start exploring food chemistry! Just a few more logistical tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this course.


  • On your left hand side you will find a sidebar/menu. This is your guide through the course where you’ll find a list of all the lessons that form this course. By clicking on the arrow below a lesson you will find several ‘topics’. Think of the ‘lessons’ as chapters in your course book and the ‘topics’ as the separate paragraphs.
  • Once you’re inside a lesson (such as the one you’re in now), you can scroll down to the bottom, there you’ll find the topics that belong to the lesson. Simply click on the top one to get started.
  • You will also find quizzes spread throughout this course. You can recognize them by the symbol of a rectangle with a cross and check mark. These quizzes help you test whether you’ve actually understood the materials you’ve just gone through.
  • Throughout the course you will find project assignments, clearly marked as Food Chemistry Project. You can do these after you’ve finished the theory of a section, or save them to do at the end. We do advise you participate in them, it’s a good way to actually use the theory that you’re learning!

Community & Support

Throughout the course, you’ll find a food chemistry project (more on that in the next section). This is a way for you to test your knowledge, but also to interact with others! Let us know what you find. Share your results and ask questions. If you aren’t clear about something, there’s a good chance someone else won’t be either, so you’ll help everyone else!

Have other feedback or questions as you go through the course? You can always send us a note at [email protected].

Please adhere to our code of conduct and terms of use.

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Great that you’re here! Of course, we can’t get started with a proper introduction. This is a recording of one of our live courses. Want to say hi back? Just send us a note at [email protected].

Let’s get started

That should have you ready to get started! Make sure to start with the topic below: the Food Chemistry Project introduction.