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Ice Cream Science Classes

Are you ready to up your ice cream-making skills? Want to dig deeper than learning a few new recipes?

Why not consider taking one of our ice cream classes?

These are not your ‘normal’ ice cream-making classes! We don’t just give you a recipe and a demonstration. On the contrary, we really dig deep into the ice cream-making process. By the end, you’ll have the answer to ‘why’ ice creams are made the way they are.

  • We explain why you need to take certain steps
  • Help you understand the role of the ingredients in your ice cream
  • Cover a range of ice cream styles from simple popsicles to custard-based ice creams.

Flagship ice cream science class

Want to go all in? Then we’d recommend taking our core ice cream science class.

In this self-paced online class we discuss all the core concepts that you need to know to make and understand ice cream. We dive deep into the role of sugar, explain how important it is to control the size of your ice crystals, and much more (see full course content here).

Along the way, there are plenty of ways for you to test and apply your knowledge. Each section of theory ends with a quiz, to test your knowledge. Also, we have come up with plenty of ‘lab exercises‘ to apply your knowledge. In these exercises, you’ll be making different styles of ice cream and doing some simple experiments. We believe that ‘doing’ is the best way to learn. So we encourage our students to do these exercises, though none of them are compulsory.

Mini ice cream science class

Not yet sure whether ice cream making is your thing?

Then sign up for our Free Mini Ice Cream email series. In this short e-mail course, we’ll cover the core concepts of making ice cream. It’s a great way to get started to learn more about how to make ice cream.

Need individual support?

Pretty new to making ice cream OR really want to dive deeper and get an answer to all of your questions?

Then our newest offering might be just for you.

In addition to getting access to our self-paced ice cream science class you get two 30 minute slots with the course instructor (Annelie) to discuss the course contents.

This is your chance to ask all of your questions! Is something not entirely clear? Do we need to walk through a section together, or would you like to discuss the outcomes of your lab exercises? We can discuss anything related to the course.

Note, the 1:1 sessions need to be booked within 2 months of purchasing the course. You will be able to plan these through our calendly calender to which we’ll send a link after purchasing.

Choose your ice cream science class