Code of Conduct & Terms of Use

This community of courses is made to collaborate on courses, ask food science questions and help each other to learn.


  • We love facts, have something interesting, add your source so others can read the website/scientific literature/etc. as well πŸ“–! 
  • Be helpful and kind πŸ™‹.
  • Food science shouldn’t be about opinions, but about facts. We love constructive discussions, not opinionated, overheated discourses.
  • Keep things relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Respect the privacy of others πŸ”. 
  • ❌ Don’t try to sell/market anything, those posts will be removed.
  • ❌Don’t spam.

We reserve the right to remove members from the community/courses that do not adhere to this code of conduct without offering a refund.