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Do you Need to Understand How Your Food Works?

To make good food you need to understand your food. But where do you start? You don’t have time to sift through academic papers or 1000-page books. University programs take too long and don’t teach the practical information you need.

As a result, learning more about your food takes so much time for you and other members on your team.

Having access to relevant courses and training materials can make your life a lot easier. Onboarding a new employee, or finding relevant information quickly, it becomes a breeze. And, it’s a way to finally safeguard crucial expertise, for instance, if an employee will be retiring soon.

Within FoodCrumbles I offer technical in-depth trainings on a range of topics (see below for some examples), and develop custom specialized training materials for your specific needs.

Book a discovery call to discuss your challenge and see how I can help you out.

Some examples of our courses:

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ice cream science
food chemistry basics

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