Why explore the science of cake?

If you have ever looked up recipes for cake or browsed the internet to learn more about it, you will find there are a lot of different types of cake. They vary from a Genoise to a pound to an Angel and many more. Some recipes call for whisking whole eggs, others are particular when it comes to the temperature of your butter, and in others nothing seems to matter, you just throw everything together.

Once you carefully compare all those recipes, you will recognize patterns of ingredients, steps taken and final appearance. You can group the thousands of cake recipes into a few distinct groups.

If you delve even deeper, you wouldn’t just recognize those patterns. You can explain them. You would know that whipped egg whites are great for creating a light foamy cake and that more fat makes a denser cake.

In this course we want to bring you along on this journey. It is not an encyclopedia on cake and does not contain every cake recipe out there. Instead, we want to help you transition from observing to understanding. Whether you’re simply curious or want to be able to design your own cakes. We hope you will have fun learning about something that seems simple at a first glance but has a lot more to it!

Apple pound cake
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