pieces of vanilla fudge
Fudge Making Class

Fudge Making Class

Once you understand how you can control sugar, the world of candy will open up.

In this class, we’ll be making FUDGE. But, we won’t just make fudge. No, it will be a little fudge science class. We’ll explain exactly what happens as you’re making it and how to troubleshoot it. Because, every kitchen, pantry, manufacturing location is different. So, if a recipe doesn’t work the way you want it to, you’d want to know how to fix it!

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It’s a 1,5 hour candy science class, full of candy, sugar and science, with plenty of time for questions. Don’t expect tons of recipes, instead, expect to come out of it with a toolbox you can use next time you attempt a fudge recipe!

To join us in making fudge you’ll need access to at least:
A thermometer
Stand mixer
Kitchen with stovetop

We will send you a full list of the required ingredients and tools in advance. Expect to need at least sugar, butter and cream. Of course, you can also just watch and ask questions, and make the fudge at a later time.


We will be recording the session which you’ll have access to for 7 days after the end of the course. However, try to join live, it will be more fun!
Note, if you’re a candy science student you will continue to have access to the recording for as long as you’re a student.

Minimum participants

If less than 5 participants sign up, we will cancel the class and give a full refund.