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Cookie Science Class

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Want to learn more about the science of cookies? We hosted a live 1-hour workshop discussing the basics of the science behind cookies.

In the 1-hour class we’re discussing:

  • The role of ingredients in cookies, focusing on butter, sugar and flour, using shortbread cookies as an example (and we’re having a quick look at the role of starch!).
  • What happens when baking your cookies and what you should take into account when deciding on how to bake your cookies (there’s more than just time and temperature!).
  • We’re discussing a few cookie experiments that we did to give you an example of how YOU can experiment with cookies as well, to develop your own “perfect” cookie.

One hour is of course way too short to discuss everything, but we’re giving a rundown of all the important parameters to look into when looking to amp up your cookie game :-).